Duo auth proxy ldap method need to passcode, push



I used this method. Because In our case we use duo just on access from internal network to internal application using authentication proxy ldap solution. Most of out application is based ldap authentication.

Problem is when I’m login ldap application, duo send me only push notification but we want to use passcode or other 2fa method.

Can we show this window when we access authentication proxy?

If not possible how to use passcode, hardware tokens code, sms etc?

We used factors=passcode,push

factors=passcode but any of this confi didn’t work.

Thank you in advance.



Hello @mihanowa!

You can append a passcode or other 2FA method following a comma (or other delimiter you can set in the authproxy.cfg) after the password, like password,passcode.

This is described in the Test Your Setup section of the LDAP documentation.