Duo Auth Proxy issue


Hello all,

We are trying to use Duo with our VMware Horizon View system.

Our users login with their UPN, always in the email address format.
Our DUO account only has the users’ CN.

So, following the auth proxy docs, I configured the username_attribute to be the “sAMAccountName” and at_attribute field to be UPN.

Users authenticate to AD via the proxy, but it ALWAYS sends the UPN to Duo. It seems to be a bug, ignoring the “username_attribute” entry.

NOTE - Our UPN and CNs are different. Ex. “jdoe@—.---” and “jdo123”.



Hi Brian, please contact Duo Support for help with your issue.


I already have done that.
I have been waiting since Friday for a response…

I figured I would try here… :slight_smile: