Duo Auth Proxy error in logs after upgrade

I just upgraded one of my Auth Proxy boxes to 5.4, from 5.3…
It’s now throwing the following message in the Connectivity_tool log.

2021-08-09T10:31:09-0500 [duoauthproxy.lib.log#warn] The Auth Proxy did not run the check_valid_service_account_username_for_auth_type check because of the configuration problem with auth_type. Resolve that configuration issue and rerun the tester.

My auth proxy is using “auth_type = sspi” for auth to AD for the [ad_client] section, and the app is running as local system.

Everything looks to be working as expected, but is it really??
Anyone seen this?

That message is expected because SSPI auth doesn’t need service account specified in the ad_client config. Therefore, it skips the service account test.

ETA: we can try to make that message clearer (that when the auth_type is sspi there is nothing to fix).

We talked a bit more about this error internally, and we don’t think you should be seeing it at all! We captured this as a bug in the connectivity tool. Thanks for letting us know!

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Hey Kristina,
I have a ticket, but hadn’t gotten traction: 00735884
Do you need any more info?

Thanks for the ticket number. I’ll let support know that we have created a bugfix task for it. For now you can ignore the message.