DUO Auth API with Java

Is it possible to send passcode / push notification to registered users phone using DUO auth API in java without a user interface? I tried the sample DUOServlet program and when the servlet is invoked with a request, it returned HTML with multiple choices for the user to choose from like Send push notification/Call/Send pass code. When the user clicks on send passcode or push notification button, the request is posted to the servlet and a notification is sent to the user’s phone. So my question is:
is it possible to send push notification/Passcode to the user phone without displaying the DUO Authentication frame in the UI and asking the user to click on the button?

I don’t want to show this duo frame. Instead i directly want to send push or passcode notification to the phone.

I tried the sample java code from
Github to call the Duo API methods.



Any update on this? Can you please share any sample code if any.

To add Duo authentication with your own UI instead of showing the Duo WebSDK prompt it is correct that you’d use the AuthAPI and duo_client_java. You could use /preauth to enumerate a user’s enrolled factors, followed by /auth to send a push or to call the phone returned by /preauth.

Sorry, but we do not have a Java example of this.

Thank you for your response. This means I could send a push/sms with in single request from the server side like java web service to the user phone without displaying the DUO authentication prompt with options.

Appreciate, if DUO comes up with a sample java for users who extensively use java. Any examples with javascript or jquery will also help. We see examples in php.