Duo Auth API Help Setting Up


Hello Everyone

We just installed/implemented Duo and I have been tasked with setting up the Duo Auth API. I have looked over the document and it is a bit confusing. I am referencing Auth API | Duo Security is there another document or maybe a post that is able to break this down further, I have gotten to step 3 and that is it. again first time attempting to do this so all the help is appreciated.




Hi Nick,

Are you trying to create a custom Duo integration? The Auth API is typically used by developers to add Duo MFA to their products. As such, the API documentation is targeted toward experienced developers, and we don’t have instructions for people unfamiliar with API integration.

Most new customers are able to use our pre-built applications and don’t need custom coding with Auth API to roll out Duo.

What are you looking to protect?


Hey Kristina,

so just to clarify, the Auth API just needs to be enabled on DUO via the Web and then I will be using that API along with help from Sailpoint Expert Services Engineers to be able to make calls to the API from Sailpoint where all our Apps are currently stored. My question is how do I enable the Auth API on the Duo Web app. I can already see the secret key and integration key. im not sure if i need to do more at this stage and if the Sailpoint engineers would do the rest. I hope this isnt too confusing : )

I appreciate the help.




I’m sorry, but your question doesn’t make any sense to me (yet).

Are you following the configuration instructions in the IdentityIQ Direct Connectors Admin and Configuration Guide (Duo connector info on page 99)? -https://community.sailpoint.com/docs/DOC-11535 or are you following the IdentityIQ instructions for MultiFactor Authentication https://community.sailpoint.com/docs/DOC-9132?

Were you able to create the Auth API application in the Duo Admin Panel? (to actually complete steps 1, 2, and 3 in the Auth API instructions “First Steps” section?

Have you also followed the instructions to create an Admin API application (steps 1-4)?

If you did both of those things, then I believe it is just a matter of copying the information for these applications from the Duo Admin Panel and pasting them into the IdentityIQ interface and then completing the rest of the configuration in SailPoint (which the SailPoint engineer should be able to help you do).