Duo AUTH api error message


Using the java client for auth api, I have enrolled a user and verified that the user exists. Then I hit the endpoint /auth/v2/enroll_status. I’m getting an error message:
“code”: 40002, “message”: “Invalid request parameters”, “message_detail”: “user_id”, “stat”: “FAIL”}

Although that use_id exists in duo.

Any idea on what is going on?


Did you specify the right activation_code in the request along with the user_id?


the issue is not resolved. I provided the right activation code but was mentioning username instead of user_id. Just want to know if there is any way from admin SDK to know the user_id?
Thanks for your reply.


The user_id for the new user was returned in the output of /auth/v2/enroll along with the activation_code.