Duo app deactivating?

I’ve had some users who will use the Mobile app at one point then some time later (maybe a month or 2) when they try to use it again it seems to not be activated. Does the activation period time out after no use? :thinking: Or have they possibly deleted/re added app or it’s out of date? Thanks!

Hi @TifannyS, great question! Thanks for sharing it in the community.

No, Duo Mobile’s activation period does not timeout after a period of no use.

I think this help article “Why might an end user need to reactivate Duo Mobile on their device?” will be useful in answering your question. In most cases we see, this problem is usually caused by an Android user deleting the app from their device, or any user deleting their account from the account list in the Duo Mobile app.

ETA this can also be caused by some administrator actions as well. Check out the article I linked above for all the cases where this can happen. Hope that helps!


Hello, thank you for your response. I just wanted to add I had a chat session with tech support yesterday and they stated ‘It could also become deactivated due to the time that the app has been activated and the last time that they have used the application itself’.

There wasn’t a certain timeframe given, but this has been the reason for a number of recent issues at my org. So I think it is quite possible for an activation timeframe to expire, whether possibly to software changes or just lack of use in general.

Hi Tiffany, ah interesting! Thank you for replying back to share the updated information and correct answer with the forum. I’ll take a look at your support case and work with the team on updating our help articles and documentation as needed to reflect this.

Hi again, just following up on this! I spoke with the support agent you worked with, and wanted to clarify that Duo Mobile will not deactivate based solely on the time it has been since the user last used the application. They would have also had to made some changes to their device. If it has been a while since they authenticated and there were device changes, then the Duo Mobile app could be deactivated. It’s possible this is still what’s causing the number of recent issues you’ve had in your org. Just wanted to clear that up! Thanks