DUO and Wordpress

Hi I’ve been using DUO successfully with Wordpress for many years, the last time I logged in on a WP site was in January and all was well, and DUO sent a push login and it works.

BUT now, after entering correct WP credentials, it just “hangs” waiting and waiting.

If I disable the DUO plugin, I can log back in, I updated WP and DUO [plugin to latest versions and the same happens, I’ve disabled all other third party plugins, and the same happens.

What is odd, if I disable the DUO plugin and re-enable, it works, once, but then fails a second time.

If I leave it long enough it states

“Access denied. The server’s time may be out of sync.”

At present it’s about as useful as a chocolate fireguard ?

Any ideas ?

Hi @einsteinagogo, You’ll need to update the server to the correct time. If you can, please SSH into the server and use NTP to set the correct time.

If you don’t have access to the server (or the permissions needed to run NTP), contact your web host and have them correct the server time. Hope that helps!

Thanks @Amy

The server’s time is correct, and on the button.

I’ve enabled debug, and cannot find anything odd in the debug logs, with debug turned on.

What is odd if I disable, and re-enable it works once and only once.

and this is not changing the time, this is just disable, and enable and Push works.

but after login, and logout it fails again, this is on multiple WP sites across many servers, NONE of them work any more with the Duo plugin

Hmm interesting, that error message usually is caused by the time being off, and typically resolves once the time is adjusted. I’m not seeing any other support cases with this issue reported that I could use to help answer you here in the forum. I recommend contacting Duo Support to troubleshoot this further, as they can take a look at your logs and request screenshots or more information to help faster. They also are a bit more expert than I am :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Sorry I can’t be of more help!