Duo and Self Hosted Wordpress Sites


I upgraded my phone which means I’ve had to reconnect to all of my 2FA accounts. I am currently using Duo on my self hosted wordpress site and it is properly calling me or sending text messages for authentications. However, I am not able to set it up as an account in the Duo App so I can use the Push option for authentication. What “key” should I be using for the account? The Integration Key? Secret Key? Or something else???

I tried both Integration Keys and Secret Keys and I am prompted with an “Invalid Information” error.



Hi manoian, it sounds like you need to reactivate Duo Mobile for that account. Since it sounds like you are an administrator for this account, you can manually send an SMS with a [re]activation link directly to your mobile device or reactivate Duo Mobile in the Duo Prompt when you’re logging in. Note that the second option requires the self-service portal to be enabled for your application.

Your application’s integration key and secret key should not factor into this process.