Duo and Exchange/O365 Hybrid Admin Center Cookie Error

Hey all! I recently installed Duo for adding MFA to OWA/EAC, and it is working swimmingly for accessing OWA and the admin center directly on my on-prem server. The only issue that can’t seem to find a solution to is when utilizing the hybrid Exchange admin center in O365 to switch from the O365 ECP to my on-premise ECP (clicking the “Enterprise” button on the top left of the page when on the Exchange Online admin center).

The issue is that although I get prompted for MFA, after completing MFA I get blank page with a message “Please ensure that you have cookies enabled in your browser” with no way of moving past that message. It’s not necessarily a deal-breaker as I can pull up my on-prem EAC on a separate browser tab just fine, but it sure would be convenient if I could get it working again to manage both environments in a single tab.

Has anyone ran into this issue and found a solution?