Duo AG with Office 365

We’re looking to use DUO with Office 365, but want to make sure we’re still going to be able to get into the Office Portal if the Duo Access Gateway is down for any reason. We’ve been on ADFS in the past and have had issues with this.

Will we be able to just use DUO offline authentication if our internet connection is down?

Hi JEvans,

Could you help clarify a few things? Then I will be able to better answer your question :slight_smile: Are you asking what happens if Duo Cloud service is down, if the servers where you have installed the Duo Access Gateway are down, or if your internet access is down?

Sorry for the delay. I’m asking what would happen if our internet access went down, which would cause the Duo Access Gateway to essentially be down as well.

Ah, thank you for clarifying. In this case, no you could not access the Office 365 portal without an internet connection. Duo Access Gateway is no different from ADFS in this regard.

If you have concerns about the stability of your office internet connection, an alternative is to deploy the Access Gateway in a cloud provider like AWS. You can find more info about that in our knowledge base article on the topic here.