DUO Admin portal pushing to old phone?

I upgraded my phone over the weekend and things seem to be working mostly fine. I re-activated DUO on my new phone, but when I sign in to the DUO admin portal and select to send a DUO Push to get logged in, the push arrives at my old phone, not the new one. So far it is only at this DUO Admin login page that this occurs. All other push notifications have been working successfully with my new phone. Any idea why this might be occurring and how to fix it?

Hi @RMayer, it sounds like you may need to reactivate Duo Push authentication for your administrator account specifically. Please give that a try, and if the issue persists let me know.

If you have a new phone number, you will need to update your 2FA device in the Duo Admin Panel.

Thanks, Amy.

I reactivated a couple of times, but it still kept pushing to my old phone, but only when trying to sign in to the DUO Admin portal. The good news is that I finished getting all of my other MFA accounts set up on the new phone, factory reset my old phone, and once the DUO app was removed from the old phone, it started pushing to the new phone when I was signing in. So it’s all good now.

Thanks for your help!


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