Duo Admin bypass MFA?

Can the account you use to do Duo Administration be set to bypass MFA? My MFA device is dead and I cannot get access to another device at this time. I still need to be able to perform MFA tasks as an admin. I set my admin account to bypass but that only helps with Applications and not administration itself. Can i disable MFA for admin-related tasks as well? if so, where? If not, any other workarounds?

Hi @jwckauman, good question! Administrators cannot create bypass codes for themselves or for other administrators logging in to the Duo Admin Panel There is not a way to remove the secondary authentication requirement from an administrator logging into the Duo Admin Panel. In the event you do not have access to your 2FA device, as is the case in your situation, another administrator could add an alternate 2FA device for you. If you don’t have another administrator who can help you with this, you’ll need to work with Duo Support to verify your identity and get assistance. Sorry to hear you’re in this situation, and hope you are able to get it resolved quickly!

P.S. We always recommend having at least two Owners for any given account. This ensures a high level of redundancy and access should one Owner be unavailable or otherwise depart your organization.

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