Duo ADFS question

Does DUO take its time to syncronise to apps using ADFS?

So last night I set up ADFS duo 2FA and it when trying to sign in to a web app using the the ADFS, it wasn’t working. But when I came to it this morning, it was working and forced authentication on me which is great, but just wondering why it took so long?

In all the testing I’ve done I’ve never seen a delay with the MFA adaptor becoming enabled, even in a farm deployment with multiple nodes.

Is it possible that your test account already had a valid SAML auth token when you tested it last night? If you didn’t have to perform first-factor auth at AD FS because you already had the SAML token for the relying party, then you also wouldn’t have to do secondary authentication. Then, when the SAML token expired, you’d have to auth again.

It shouldn’t have really due to it being a new user created for testing purposes, I am not fussed its all working at least :slight_smile: Well to my knowledge still testing everything and deploying to new services.

Just thought I would ask in regards to a delay, maybe something at my end, or it may of just been a cached page and didn’t want to refresh lol.

Thank you for your reply and I hope you have had a brilliant Xmas and have a brill new year.

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Thanks for your kind words. I did have a nice break. Happy new year to you as well.

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