DUO ADFS iframe


Everything working well. Once past initial authentication at ADFS, 2FA prompt comes up on right. The window is pretty small and has a scrolling vertical bar to compensate. This may be cosmetic, but is possibly going to be a lot of calls to my Helpdesk for people not realizing they have to scroll down. To make it easier, it’d be nice if I could resize the iframe to a couple hundred pixels taller. In the dynamically generated code, I see the following:

<iframe id="duo_iframe" frameborder="0"></iframe>
  #duo_iframe {
    width: 100%;
    min-width: 304px;
    max-width: 620px;
    height: 330px;

Anyone know where this can be modified?


This cannot be configured in ADFS 3/4. The dimensions are actually determined by the ADFS theme.


To clarify, the iframe dimensions you reference are hard coded. Additionally, the default ADFS theme defines the size of customAuthArea (which is where the Duo prompt is shown) as 350x344px.

If you were to modify your ADFS login theme to make customAuthArea both taller and wider, the Duo prompt would take advantage of the increased width (up to 620px), but not get longer since the height is constrained at 330px.