Duo access policy based on schedule?

We have a client who has specifically asked if he can block his staff from accessing their computers and/or email after hours. He values work/life balance for his employees and dos not want them taking their work home with them. I can see where this type of functionality would be valuable in other scenarios too. Is it possible to create a Duo access policy that would block access based on a specific schedule like this? Thanks!


Hi @Warren-G, welcome to the Duo Community! I love that your client is thinking about how to set boundaries with employees to promote work/life balance! That is such an important and worthy cause. While it’s not currently possible in Duo to set a policy based on a certain schedule or time, there is an existing feature request to add this functionality in the future. You can request to be added to it by contacting Duo Support, or your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive if you are a Duo Care Customer and those are applicable to you.

Great, thanks Amy. Is there by chance a roadmap or list of features that have been requested that we could access? Thanks again…

No, unfortunately, there is not a public-facing roadmap or list of requested features at this time.