DUO Access installation

Any docs or steps available to setup Duo Access (not DAG). We need to do posturing on endpoint laptops. Basically checking Device Health and Insights.
The DUO doc page does not seems to provide an end-end installation instruction.

Hi @duorunner1 ,

Since Duo Access is an edition and not a single product to install, you have a few options available to you for Device Health and Insights:

OS, Browser, and Plug-In enforcement: Using Duo’s Access Policy stack, you can restrict or warn users of outdated software that do not meet your organization’s security standards. Most of this information is retrievable from a user’s endpoint using the browser’s user-agent string and requires no additional software to be installed (Duo Administration - Policy & Control | Duo Security).

Mobile device and Duo Mobile App: You can restrict authentications from taking place on mobile devices that do not have the most secure version of Duo Mobile or that are flagging as jailbroken/tampered, not encrypted, not using biometrics, or without a screen lock (Duo Administration - Policy & Control | Duo Security).

Duo Device Health App (DHA): An endpoint application that checks for additional security controls/hygiene on a user’s device wherein you can restrict access if it does not meet certain standards. A step-by-step installation for this can be found via Duo Device Health Application | Duo Security. You can also install this on endpoints without enforcing any control polices if you would like to simply collect Device Insights.

Hope this helps!