Duo Access Gateway in multiple servers

Can i install Duo Access Gateway in multiple windows server, connecting to the same DUO cloud account.
Setup is like DC-DR, so Duo Access Gateway is installed in both DC & DR connecting to same cloud.
Any additional license needed for this setup ?

Hi @duorunner1 ,

Yes, you can. Instructions for doing so are outlined here: Duo Access Gateway for Windows | Duo Security

Please also see Best practices for Duo Access Gateway high availability

Hope this helps!

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Hi @duorunner1,

On top of what @DuoPablo already mentioned I’d also suggest looking at Duo Single Sign-On which is our newer cloud hosted SAML identity provider if you haven’t already deployed the Duo Access Gateway. This means you won’t need to host any web components on-premises and can manage everything through the Duo Admin Panel.

It also has a few nice other features like inline Expired AD Password Resets.

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