Duo Access Gateway Failures - Breaks after server IP change

Hi everyone - Figured I would come on here since Support has been unable to help with a Duo Access Gateway issue we encounter when changing the IP address of a DAG server. DAG breaks and the DAG admin console is not reachable via localhost or the allowed IP. We’ve encountered this on 4 separate deployments when moving folks from QA/Inside to DMZ subnets after testing everything. Bindings are set to All Unassigned, we’ve tried binding it to the new IP, we’ve even gone as far as uninstalling DAG & IIS and re doing the whole install and even that doesn’t work. The DAG Admin page just gives us the old “page cannot be displayed” when hitting localhost/dag or fqdn/dag. When we uninstall the DAG from the server, we are able to reach the default IIS serving site. We resort to building a new server every time after backup the config.

Hi Luis, if this is related to your case on integrating Duo Access Gateway with AWS, it looks like support requested some more information from you and was waiting on a response. Did you happen to see their question? Please follow up with them so we can help you!

No - that’s a different issue.