Dropbox says: "You are not a member of this team"


After configuring Dropbox with SSO from DUO DAG, I got this error when trying to login to Dropbox: " You are not a member of this team, pelase contact your admin". But as a mather of fact I am the team owner. When I login to Dropbox without SSO it works just fine. What configuration have i forgot or screwed up? If I can login to Cisco DUO without errors, before it will check my pc with DUO prompt, I guess the Active Directory connection works? Anyone suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Jeanke,

I would check that the e-mail address being sent in the SAMLResponse from the Duo Access Gateway to Dropbox matches the e-mail address that you use in Dropbox already.

You can see which authentication source attribute is being used by looking here: Duo Protection for Dropbox with Duo Access Gateway | Duo Security

If value of that attribute for your user in the authentication source doesn’t match the value in Dropbox, that could be causing the problem.

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