Double-prompt for RDP login after Windows 10 Fall Creators Update


This doesn’t seem to be covered by the windows/live login issue that was already discussed. Since the Fall Creators update, when RDP’ing in we sometimes get double-prompted for credentials and 2fa. This is happening on multiple systems (all domain joined, no windows/live logins), and even on the latest version of the app. Anyone else experiencing this?


@mknight We have confirmation from Microsoft a bug was introduced in v1709 that causes multiple authentication prompts during RDP sessions. In build 1709, the ICredentialProviderFilter is constructed but IF the user already has a logged-in session (locked or unlocked) then Update RemoteCredential is not called. Build 1703 works.

The ETA provided by Microsoft for shipping the hotfix is 2-4 weeks. The SR# for this issue is: 118041318000260 if you want to track the issue.


Just another update here, with the upcoming release of Windows 10 - April 2018 it does not include the aforementioned fix as it is slated for RS5. Microsoft is working on internal approvals to back port this as a hotfix to RS3/v1709/Fall Creators and RS4/April 2018, with timing TDB for this summer.