Double-prompt for RDP login after Windows 10 Fall Creators Update


This doesn’t seem to be covered by the windows/live login issue that was already discussed. Since the Fall Creators update, when RDP’ing in we sometimes get double-prompted for credentials and 2fa. This is happening on multiple systems (all domain joined, no windows/live logins), and even on the latest version of the app. Anyone else experiencing this?


@mknight We have confirmation from Microsoft a bug was introduced in v1709 that causes multiple authentication prompts during RDP sessions. In build 1709, the ICredentialProviderFilter is constructed but IF the user already has a logged-in session (locked or unlocked) then Update RemoteCredential is not called. Build 1703 works.

The ETA provided by Microsoft for shipping the hotfix is 2-4 weeks. The SR# for this issue is: 118041318000260 if you want to track the issue.


Just another update here, with the upcoming release of Windows 10 - April 2018 it does not include the aforementioned fix as it is slated for RS5. Microsoft is working on internal approvals to back port this as a hotfix to RS3/v1709/Fall Creators and RS4/April 2018, with timing TDB for this summer.


@PatrickKnight Any update on this issue? It is driving us crazy here also. It is also happening on our VMware Horizon Virtual Desktops that we have just moved to Windows 10 and added Duo to. They no longer pass-through authentication and users have to login twice. Thanks for any updates.


Hey @mikeadelic what version of Windows 10 are you on?
It was resolved in v1803 with this KB: