Double login prompt with WordPress

We are trying to setup Duo with Wordpress. Authentication is “working” but only after a double log in prompt.

  1. We enter Wordpress credentials.
  2. Duo authenticates
  3. Wordpress login prompt comes up again with error message saying that username/email and password are empty
  4. We re-enter Wordpress credentials and log in successfully without another Duo prompt.

How can we eliminate the second Wordpress login prompt?

Hi there, are you using any other security or authentication WordPress plugins?

Are you using a WordPress multisite setup?

Thanks for your response. I disabled the extra security plugin that we had installed, but we are still getting prompted to log into wordpress again after duo authenticates. It is a single site installation.

Hmm, that sounds odd. This KB article lists a few other plugins we know may cause issues with the Duo plugin.

If there aren’t any other plugins that seem to be the problem, I recommend contacting Duo Support and referencing this community post along with the specific info about your issue. You may also want to enable debug logging for the plugin and examine the output (or to simply provide to support).