Does the data-submit_callback work?

I’m trying to setup Duo to protect a website using the Web v2 SDK, and pretty much have it working. However, due to the framework that is being used, I have to setup the duo iframe within the JSP and have used the data-host, data-sig-request and data-submit_callback attributes.
Duo Authentication is working correctly, but the callback function is not being called. Debugging the Duo-Web-v2.js code and it looks like the submitCallback variable is only set during the init() function, and then only from the options, not the data- attributes. The data-attributes are being populated within the ready() function, but at no point does it retrieve the data-submit_callback

Am I missing something, or is the data-submit_callback attribute, although documented, not supported?

Hi @Andi.Fairhurst, welcome to the community! Thanks for sharing your question here. You are correct - providing the submit_callback via a data attribute on the iFrame is not supported. The team is aware of this issue, and I shared your post with them for more context.

Hi Amy,

Thanks for confirming what I thought. Can I suggest that the documentation is updated to reflect this, as currently is is listed as a valid attribute


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Absolutely, I’ve shared that documentation change with the team as well. Thank you for pointing this out! We appreciate it.