Do I need to licence all my users?

I have been using Duo for some time, but I am now required to set up some bigger sites. The question I have is do I need to licence all users, even if they won’t ever be required to use MFA?

E.G. If I have 100 users who need to use RDGateway from a safe location that is exempted by IP address, but 15 need to access the RDGateway from other remote locations and use MFA, do I still need to purchase 100 Duo licences in order to get all users logged in?

Hi chopsywa,

For the best security experience, we always recommend that you enroll all users in Duo. However, it is possible to achieve what you describe here using the New User Policy in Duo. To do this, you would enroll the 15 users in remote locations in Duo and set the New User Policy to Allow Access. This will prompt for two-factor authentication for those 15 users you enrolled while allowing everyone else who passes primary auth through. You can read more about this in our Policy & Control documentation here.