DNG with Duo SSO AD


I am trying to protect an internal application with DNG. I am using Duo SSO as SAML IDP with on prem AD as primary authentication source.

When i am trying to open external URL of an application, its redirecting to SSO page asking for the credentials. When i am entering my AD credentials in email format, its giving invalid credentials. Upon checking the logs from Auth proxy, its showing below error -
Error: (‘LDAP search failed’, {‘error’: ‘Could not find user’

Could anyone advise what am i missing here?

Hi @Faizan,

I think our team would need to be able to see the rest of the message. I’d recommend opening up a support ticket with our Support Team so that we can look at your logs to help identify what is going on.

At first glance from the bit you posted it could be that your base DNs configured doesn’t have the user object in it or that your service account doesn’t have access to find them.