DNG upstream request timeout after set-config

We’re running 1.5.10, 1 admin and 3 https portals running in active/active HA.

We use the “set-config” CLI and every time we do, the https portals respond with an “upstream request timeout” for roughly a minute until after it finishes pulling its update.

The only leads I have right now is that net.core.somaxconn is being set to 4096 on our host whereas the docker-compose yaml file that DUO provides is setting it to 32768 (this is 8x4096). It looks like our host node maybe imposing the limits.

Would having the host node impose a lower somaxconn be the cause of upstream timeouts during the set-config update? I’m working on increasing the value in our environment, however it’s going to take some effort within our environment and I’m wondering what else I can check as well.

Hi Dean, thanks for sharing your question here! It looks like you may also have a support case open with us about this, is that right? The team is still tracking down the answer for you. I’ll check back on this tomorrow for you though.
Just wanted to say that this is a great example of a well-written question for the community. You included all of the details that would help us answer it (if only I knew the answer!) such as the integration you’re using, the version number, the fact that it’s running in Active / Active High Availability, and you made sure to explain the problem you’re experiencing in a clear, concise way. :+1: Kudos