Display_name in the /preauth response


There is an element “display_name” in the /preauth response. Is there any convention duo follows to send a display_name in the response? Can it ever be null or empty?


The display_name is optional and is free text entered by the Duo admin or end user.


I am talking about display_name - not device name.


So am I, I just typed the wrong thing! Oops.


I do not find any option to set a display name. I do see an option to setup a device name. When i test the auth api, I find that the display name is in this format:
<device_type> (XXX-XXX-1234)
iOS (***-***-1234)

Is that something set by the admin optionally or it is built in the rest service itself?


In the UI it is the “Device Name”.


Can it be null by any chance?


@DuoKristina Can the field display_name be null by any means?