Display hostname in RDP push prompt?


I have Duo Authentication for Windows Logon x64 installed on several computers. Works great. However the push prompts to Android and iOS do not show the hostname that the user is trying to log in to. I do see the hostnames in the Duo dashboard.

If it matters, this was deployed by setting group policy with the keys, then manually running “DuoWindowsLogon64.msi” /qn" from each desktop.

Is there some setting that would include the hostname in the push?


Mark Berry

If you take a look at the release notes for Duo Authentication for Windows Logon, it states we added the hostname info to the push request in version 4.2.0.


Finally got around to testing this. It works! After installing 4.2.0, I can see the hostname in the push request. Thank you!


Well I spoke too soon. This kinda works: the hostname now appears in the “big” push prompt when the full Duo app is open. However, it’s not appearing the the popup alert.

One iOS user, who also uses Duo for another site, gets the hostname in the little popup when connecting to the other site, but not when connecting to our site. At the other site:

Hostname in alert

At our site:

No hostname in alert

How can I get the “to hostname” into the alert popup now that we’re on 4.2.0?

Hmm, I am pretty sure the hostname value is shown in the full Duo Mobile in-app push prompt, but the notification only shows the name of the Duo application (as set in the Duo Admin Panel). I have seen some customers rename their RDP application in the Duo Admin Panel so it literally is named “Microsoft RDP to ServerXYZ”.

ETA: from the AuthAPI doc The default English string in Duo Mobile v4 is “Verify your identity” and “Are you logging in to” followed by the application’s name in the push request notification text, - Duo for Windows Logon is built on the AuthAPI.

ETA again: If hostname or other contextual info in the notification resonates with you I suggest contacting your Duo account exec or customer manager (if you have one), or Duo Support (if you have no assigned manager) to submit a feature request for this.

I’ve confirmed with the user that in his other environment, they have configured a separate Application for each host that includes the hostname. I told him that’s too much work :).

It would be kind of nice if you could add a variable to the application name field, e.g. “Microsoft RDP to $(hostname)”. But not worth spending a lot of time on.