Discussion: What bad security habits do you see all the time? 🤫

We all have them: Bad habits. While some can be relatively harmless, like biting your nails, others can be more risky. Working in the security industry, we might cringe inwardly when we see others do these things. (Heck, we might even be guilty of them ourselves sometimes!) What bad habits or mistakes do you frequently notice people make with regard to security?
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For me, it’s friends and family writing down their passwords or defaulting to the same few simple ones that are easy to remember. I used to be guilty of this myself :raising_hand_woman: There are so many good free password managers out there that make it easy to have a variety of strong passwords which are encrypted :closed_lock_with_key:, unlike the ones you write down in your notepad app.

Which bad security habits have you or others made?

  • Using weak passwords
  • Writing passwords down
  • Failing to update operating systems or browsers regularly
  • Downloading attachments from unknown sources
  • Clicking phishing links
  • Sharing personal information too freely
  • Revealing too much on social media
  • Not saving recovery codes for accounts
  • Other - Comment below!

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