Discussion & Updates: How do you build a positive security culture?

Hello everyone!

I’m pleased to share that we have a new course available that’s packed with tips for ramping up your security program. We know for many organizations, MFA is often the first step in critically evaluating your organization’s risk and overall approach to security. Do you have any tips you’d like to share with fellow admins here on the Community?

DISCUSSION :speech_balloon: | What makes a healthy security culture in an organization? What do you do to encourage end-users to become security advocates?

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New Course: Jumpstart Your Security Program

As part of our mission to help everyone improve their security posture, we reached out to a few industry experts to put this course together. Advisory CISO Helen Patton and Alex Morgan (Duo Care Customer Solutions Engineer) will share their years of experience with a few short videos. We also partnered with our Security Education team to bring you an easy introduction to threat modeling, and a sample questionnaire you can use to bring end-users into the conversation and better understand their role in protecting your organization.

You can check out the course at Power Up! Jumpstart Your Security Program on Level Up and MSP Level Up :slight_smile:

Did you take the course? Share what you’ve learned and your thoughts in the comments!