Discussion: How do you encourage end-users to follow security best practices?

A lot of the same elements we use in online communities to make them interactive and engaging can be applied to security training programs, as well! Gamification is a great way to reward and motivate your end-users to follow best practices and can improve their ability to spot phishing attempts or other potential security issues.

Having a dedicated security champion on teams can elevate your security program as well. Security champions act as local experts to inform, educate, and inspire others in security best practices.

So tell us, how do you encourage end-users to be more aware of security? Do you have a security champion program, and if so, what are some tips you’ve learned so far?

I am contracted by a Cyber Security firm that peruses KnowBe4’s best security practices, which includes sending fake email to see how users are reacting to those, on a weekly basis, and also includes training materials such as videos and a brief test afterward, on a monthly basis.

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