Disabling vs deleting a user

Can a user be re-enabled after certain number of days if their account has only been set to “disabled” versus explicitly chosing the userid and selecting the “Delete” option?

Hi RDeYoung,

When you delete a user, there is a window of 7 days before that user is permanently deleted from Duo. During this time, it is possible to restore the user account from the trash. You can find more info on deleting and restoring users in the documentation on Managing Duo Users.

Disabling a user is a status change that denies the user access from authenticating with Duo, and would be used in cases such as when an employee leaves a company, for example. A user set to Disabled remains that way indefinitely and can be restored to have access at any time in the future.

Hope that helps!

One more thing to note: With the Inactive User Expiration setting, you can choose to automatically remove inactive users from Duo after a set period.

When this setting is enabled, users who do not authenticate for the specified number of days are moved into the Trash and put into the pending deletion status. You can learn more about this here: Using the Duo Admin Panel and Changing Settings | Duo Security