Directory Sync custom schedule


Has anyone figured out a way to initiate a directory sync other than via the sync now button or system scheduled 10am sync time? I’d like to kick off a sync automatically at a time other than set time of 10am in the DUO admin panel, which I can’t change.

We remove remote access to users for 5 days per year by automatically adding/removing them from an AD group at midnight of the day they leave/return. The scheduled sync time of 10am won’t work for us since users obviously connect at 8am or before. If the sync didn’t happen yet and they get in, we have to answer to auditors. If they’re still disabled when they return and then they can’t get in, we have to deal with support calls.


I wanted to move our sync time as well, but was told that is not an option. I submitted a feature request. Don’t know if this is planned for a future release or not.