Difference between "call timed out" and "no response"


May I ask what is the difference between phone call “No Response” and “Call Timed Out” in the log?


Hey @thomasdang

Great question! Thank you for posting it to the community.

No Response indicates that the user didn’t answer the call, or they may have answered and not pressed the key needed to complete authentication. Either way, no response was received either denying or approving the authentication request.

Call Timed Out means that the Duo service never received an update from the telephony provider. When a user initiates a phone call authentication, we make a request to the appropriate telephony provider for their phone number. If the provider returns a success, indicating that they are initiating a call, we set a timeout. If Duo does not receive an update from the telephony provider for the call after the timeout period, we consider the auth failed and log Call Timed Out. The Duo service doesn’t have any more information about the call.

Hope that helps!