Did you know… why you might receive a 404 page when accessing the DAG admin console after installation?

We continue our series of answering frequently asked questions that are addressed in our help articles located at help.duo.com with this one about why you might receive a 404 page when attempting to access the Duo Access Gateway admin console after installation. This is a question that comes up often in support cases and can have multiple different causes.

The first reason this might occur is if the DAG does not identify the correct IP address for the user attempting to access the DAG admin console access (for example, resolving the internal IP instead of the external IP). This might happen if you deploy DAG as a virtual machine in externally hosted infrastructure (such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure), because the VM is typically assigned both an internal and external IP address. This can also occur if DNS is not configured appropriately for the type of access being attempted.

Some other causes to this issue are:

  • If you have specified an incorrect server hostname during DAG installation.
  • If IIS does not have the Default Web Site settings configured correctly for the Launcher or the DAG admin console.

You can find detailed steps on how to resolve this issue based on the method of accessing the DAG admin console in our help article on this topic here.