Did you know… When can users in Bypass get stuck on “Logging you in…” on the Duo-Prompt?

This is the first in a new series of posts we’re trying out based on questions that come up often when talking with customers, either in the forum, support cases, or both! You can find the answer to many of Duo’s frequently asked questions in the help articles in our knowledge base at help.duo.com, and we’ll be sharing some of them here with you as well.

Today, we’re going to look at why a user might get stuck on “Logging you in…” on the Duo Prompt and be unable to complete self-enrollment. This can occur if the user is an unenrolled or partially enrolled user with a status of “Bypass” in the Duo Admin Panel.

Even if an individual end-user account is in Bypass, Duo is always working in the background and communicating with the application. Because the self-enrollment process happens within the Duo Prompt and authentication is being bypassed, it will never be possible for the user to self-enroll while in “Bypass” status. To resolve this, set that user’s status to “Active” and they will be able to self-enroll via the Duo Prompt.

To learn about other potential causes of this issue or to get other workarounds, please check out our help article on this topic.

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