Device with biometric login shows no biometrics in Admin panel

I have an Android device that has been confirmed to have biometrics enabled for login into the device. That device shows up with “Biometric verification disabled” in the admin panel. Am I missing something as to what “Biometric verification” means in this context, I have tried reactivating, deleting the app on the device and other things.

Hi @JohannK, welcome to the Duo Community! Thank you for sharing your question here and including the steps you’ve taken so far to remediate this issue.

You’re not missing anything with regard to what “Biometric verification” means here. This does refer to whether or not fingerprint is enabled on Android or FaceID or TouchId is enabled on iOS.

When is the last time the device was used to successfully authenticate? I would check to ensure the device has the right permissions enabled for Duo Mobile - Use Fingerprint Hardware in this case. You can also try to toggle the permission off and then on again and see if that helps. If the status does not change after the next successful push authentication, you’ll want to open a support case with Duo Support to investigate further. Having a screenshot handy to confirm the Use Fingerprint Hardware permission is correctly enabled will also help them!