Device Management Portal - using & c#



I am implementing the portal using and c#. I have the AD authentication set up working but would like to see some web form examples with the code behind for the login.aspx signRequest and verifyResponse methods. What the web.config looks like as well?

Thanks for any help!



Hello there! Hvae you taken a look at our WebSDK demo for ASP?



Yes, but what I’m looking is an actual example of a working implementation with the secondary Duo authentication. I’d really like to see how this is working, what responses to expect and how to handle. Thanks!



Hello, I have to create a two-factor authentication in C# ( with duo as part of a business project, but I am a beginner in C#. I would like to call sign_request from my
aspx page before the Duo.init (the call to the javascript file Duo-Web-v2.js) and the IFRAME (examples are given here: Duo Web Two-Factor Authentication for Your Web Application | Duo Security but they are only in python), I have done many searches on the Internet to find an answer but unfortunately without success !

I’m looking for the same thing as you lmd1004 ! So did you find examples of concrete code to call sign_request and verify_response in an aspx page ?

thanks for any help !