Device Management Portal (DMP)


Does anyone here have success deploying DMP? Could you please share some detailed instructions?

Right now I have AD users synced using Duo Proxy to validate their password and to also sync user names and other information.

Not sure though how to setup the self-service portal.

This is a must have feature for our agency.

Thanks in advance!



I have looked everywhere that I can think of to find information around setting up the DMP without much luck. Contacting the support team was not very helpful either as they pointed me to the same documentation site that contains minimal information. Any assistance from anyone on this subject would be greatly appreciated!



I should have the code for this ready by tomorrow or Friday. It is a web login form that communicates with Active Directory for Primary Authentication and then performs secondary authentication to the DUO cloud for the DMP portion. If all goes well I will let you know and then I can give you instructions on how to integrate it with your webserver, etc…etc… I am running Windows 2012 R2 with IIS 8.5, so that is what I would suggest you also run for your web server. Or, you can adapt my instructions to meet your environment. Will keep you posted. I had to hire a freelance developer to help with my code to get it working but it should be done tomorrow.


Don’t understand why Duo can’t make an installer for this or even a virtual machcine template.


Ok so a quick update… I made a few changes to my environment (for the better). I decided on PHP instead of C# and DUO Dotnet because…well it’s just better. I was able to successfully test the DMP today! I am just adding AD integration to the login page and I will do a full write up on how to get the DMP up and running for Windows IIS 8.5 and Server 2012. If you are using any other environment, you should easily be able to make the necessary edits to get it to work. I am confident I will have the instructions posted by tomorrow afternoon at the latest. Yes I do agree that an installer package would be great, but this forced me to edoomakate myself, so it’s a win. TBC


@emotnivek do you have that PHP code ready?