Deployment options

Hi there,

I was wondering what are deployment options for DUO, is it possible to deploy it on both, cloud and on prem?

Also, regarding installation, upon licensing do we receive installation file, or OVA file? Or we get appliance and then deploy it as a physical appliance?

@andreja, thanks for giving Duo a try.

The options for deploying Duo are dependent on what services or applications you want to protect with Duo MFA.

Duo MFA is a cloud service (there’s no 2FA in a box for you to deploy on-prem), but in order to add Duo authentication customers often need to install a client or other piece of software in order to make the connection from their device to Duo’s service. Some of these are .exe installers, and a few come a Docker containers.

I recommend you take a look at our documentation page Duo Security Documentation | Duo Security to see if we have step-by-step instructions for your service or application. Those instructions will tell you exactly what you need to install to complete deployment.

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