Deploying Duo Client via Intune

Hi All,

We currently use Duo on our internal domain for Windows authentication and install the clients via GPO using the MSI and Transform file. We have recently started deploying laptops using Intune as our MDM and I have been struggling to deploy the Duo MSI using the same method. It seems to install OK and logs do not indicate any problems but the Duo client never pops durring the login. If I install it manually through the whole GUI process of entering key, server API etc it works just fine. Anybody have any success with this?

Dont bother opening a support request unless you want the usual zero effort response that they will open a feature request request on your behalf.
For anyone trying to do what I started this thread about, I found the fix for this. Just creat the Intune windows 32 app with a Intunewim pkg WITH JUST the 64B app. When you get to the Intune install command line enter this using your org info and options:
msiexec.exe /i DuoWindowsLogon64.msi IKEY=“Integration Key” SKEY=“Secret Key” HOST=“API Hostname” AUTOPUSH="#1" FAILOPEN="#1" SMARTCARD="#1" RDPONLY="#0" /qn

Should work fine, thanks for nothing Duo support!

Hi DHogsed,

I’m glad you found the answer you needed, and thank you for following up here to share it with the community. While many applications may work with Duo, due to time and other constraints, our team can only troubleshoot those that are officially supported. In this case, requesting that support and documentation for the integration you asked about via a feature request was the best we could do. I understand that can be frustrating, and I’m sorry to hear that was your experience!
As more people interact here in the community, we’ll hopefully see more discussions around these types of integrations. Thanks again for participating.