Deleting users synced from AD


Is there any way to delete users who are synced from AD Sync ?

I’ve tried using csv file import with status as “delete” but it doesn’t work.


Hi Raja,
@DuoKristina actually already answered about the deletion process here: Activation vs Enrollment emails It sounds like you’re having a lot of questions and issues around Active Directory Sync that could be handled by our Support Team. I’d recommend you contact them to work through all of your requests. Thanks!


@Dooley we have identified a alternative work around for this problem

  • remove those unwanted users from the security group which you synced from AD (This has to be done from AD side)
  • Next perform a directory sync
  • So now the users which you want to remove should automatically moved to Trash

One important consideration for this is these users should not be part of any of the security groups which are in current sync with AD.


Glad you were able to get this working as you wanted! Thanks for letting us know!