D225: Duo Release Notes for October 1, 2021

Hello everyone! Here are the release notes for the most recent updates we’ve made to Duo.

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What’s in this release?

New and updated applications

New features, enhancements, and other improvements

Bug fixes

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New and updated applications

Duo Authentication for Windows Logon and RDP version 4.2.0 released; includes remembered devices for local Windows logins

  • Introduces remembered devices for local Windows logins. The Remembered Devices policy for Duo MFA, Access, and Beyond plan customers now includes settings for Windows Logon. Remembering the device during online authentication creates a trusted session, letting users skip Duo two-factor authentication for the lifetime of the session.
  • Adds the hostname of the system where Duo for Windows Logon is installed to Duo Mobile push requests and the Windows logon authentication type (Local, RDP, UAC) to Duo Push request notifications.
  • Adds support for Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.
  • Bug fixes.

Duo Network Gateway version 1.5.14 released

New features, enhancements, and other improvements

Duo operating systems policy for iOS now specifies iOS 15 as the latest version

  • iOS 15 has been designated the latest software version when enforcing Duo OS policy.
  • Note that Duo now offers an “If not up-to-date” policy option for iOS that allows iOS 14 devices with the latest security patches to be treated as up-to-date. You may wish to update your existing iOS policy configuration to use this new option if you intend to allow iOS 14 devices to be treated as “up-to-date.”
  • Additionally, macOS 12 will be designated the latest macOS version in macOS policy once it is released later this year.

Updates to UI messaging related to Duo Universal Prompt

  • When creating a new application in the Duo Admin Panel that is capable of supporting the Duo Universal Prompt, you will now see a UI message encouraging you to try out the new prompt. The application can be reverted to use the traditional Duo Prompt at any time.
  • In addition, when using the Universal Prompt or the self-service portal as part of our public preview program, you will now see an option to give feedback on your authentication experience via a Duo survey. The survey link will appear only for customers who enable the Universal Prompt after D225 (released September 23 through 30, 2021).
  • For more information about the Universal Prompt, refer to our documentation.

Extended the string length for redirect_uri in the Duo OIDC Auth API

  • The redirect_uri argument used during authorization requests with the Duo OIDC Auth API, which is used with the Duo Universal Prompt, can now be up to 1024 characters long. This optional argument specifies the URI where the end-user will be redirected after a successful authentication.

Self-service billing improvements

  • Updated the countries list in the dropdown options for hard token ordering on the Billing page of the Duo Admin Panel.
  • Improved the wording that appears on the Billing page of the MSP administrator console, including adding a link to learn more about MSP pricing, billing, and administration, as well as contact information. Also changed the text label “Save changes” button to “Place order” to make it more clear that the button executes a change to your billing preferences.

Bug fixes

  • No bug fixes this release.