D224: Duo Release Notes for September 17, 2021

Hello everyone! Here are the release notes for the most recent updates we’ve made to Duo.

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What’s in this release?

New features, enhancements, and other improvements

New and updated applications

Bug fixes

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New features, enhancements, and other improvements

Redesigned Duo self-service portal and inline self-enrollment features now available for public preview as part of the Universal Prompt Project

  • You can now preview the redesigned self-service portal experience and inline self-enrollment workflow when using these features in conjunction with the Universal Prompt as part of our Universal Prompt public preview program.
  • If configured for a specific application, the SSP allows end-users to add or edit their available devices from the Universal Prompt. From the prompt, users can access the SSP by clicking on “Other options” and then “Manage devices.” Note that the “Manage devices” workflow now occurs in a separate page rather than within the frame of the prompt itself, in contrast to the traditional Duo Prompt self-service portal experience.
  • You can enable inline self-enrollment for a specific application by configuring the new user policy to require enrollment. Inline self-enrollment allows users who are not yet enrolled in Duo to enroll themselves via the prompt when they attempt to log in with their existing username and password. Note that enrollment via email (either through bulk enrollment or Directory Sync) will still fall back to the traditional Duo Prompt UI for now.
  • Refer to our documentation for instructions on enabling the self-service portal, allowing inline self-enrollment, and enabling the Universal Prompt as part of public preview.
  • For more information about which Duo edition features are currently supported as part of the Universal Prompt public preview, refer to this Duo Knowledge Base article.

Administrator Actions report now includes details about the previous value

  • Administrator Actions log entries in the Duo Admin Panel will now display the values for fields that were changed or deleted, if applicable, so that you can compare a change to its previous value.
  • For example, if a user is edited to change a full name, the field will display the previous value as (was [name]) after the current name value.

Directory syncs with no selected groups will still be paused but will no longer trigger an email

  • Directory syncs with no selected synced groups will continue to be paused but will no longer trigger a one-time email to notify administrators. Instead, the Admin Panel sync configuration page will display the message “No groups selected. If no groups are selected, scheduled syncs will be paused within 24 hours.”
  • Note that removing groups from a sync marks any members of that group for deletion if they are not members of another synchronized group. After that, a sync with no selected groups effectively serves no purpose.

Hostname Whitelisting feature renamed Allowed Hostnames

  • As part of a project to use more inclusive language, the Hostname Whitelisting feature is now called Allowed Hostnames in our product and documentation. The functionality of the feature has not changed.

Minor update to Universal Prompt progress report for applications

  • Duo-owned integrations that have not yet been updated to support the Universal Prompt will now display the label “Waiting on Duo” in the Universal Prompt Update Progress report and on application-specific pages that display Universal Prompt status.

Minor updates to Billing page in Admin Panel

  • The Admin Panel Billing page now shows the correct contact information for credit card (self-service) customers who have questions (selfservicebilling@duosecurity.com).
  • Updated the list of countries used for hardware token ordering to remove those that Duo is unable to ship to.

New and updated applications

Duo Authentication Proxy version 5.4.1 released

  • Fixes a spurious “no service account username is provided” warning from the connectivity tool when using Windows integrated authentication (SSPI).
  • Now reports the error code during SSPI negotiation failure.
  • Strips leading or trailing whitespace from RADIUS usernames during radius_iframe authentications.
  • Restricts access to the Authentication Proxy bin folder on Windows at installation.
  • Upgrades a third-party library to address memory leaks during authentications.

Duo Device Health application version for macOS and version 2.17.0 for Windows 10 released

  • For macOS:
    • Fixed an issue where the app’s certificate was not compatible with Safari on macOS 12.
    • Moved “Privacy Statement” and “Data FAQ” links to app’s “Preferences.”
    • Minor improvements and enhancements.
  • For Windows 10:
    • Moved “Privacy Statement” and “Data FAQ” links to app’s “Preferences.”
    • Fixed an issue that would cause certain user preferences to reset after installing a new version of the app.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the Windows update status to persist its initial value despite the user applying updates.
    • Minor improvements and enhancements.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in which attempting to view an Administrator Actions log entry related to directory sync would result in an error in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue in which directory syncs could fail if change (delta) tracking was not supported by the directory. Now in this case, a full sync will be completed and the log entry will state that a delta sync is not possible.
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