Customized bypass codes for admins

currently we can lock down our bypass codes to X minutes but they are single use only.

if we don’t lock down the bypass codes, then we have more choices in their usage count.

I’d like to create a more customizable bypass code that I could lock down.

taking it a step further: different bypass code profiles.
when a user requests a bypass code, they only need it one time, we assign them the 1-time bypass code profile and the code is generated.
if a user needs a bypass code for a day, we assign them the 12hour multiple use profile bypass code.

Hi there,

You should be able to customize both how long the codes are good for and how many times they can be used. What is the experience you’re seeing when you do this? You can find more info on setting up bypass codes here.

The concept of bypass code profiles is interesting. To submit an official feature request for this, please contact your CSM or Account Executive (if you are a Duo Care customer) or the Duo Support team. Friendly reminder that we don’t track or log ideas from the community in any official capacity.