Customize the Traditional Duo Prompt?

I already put our logo and stuff in the Branding under Settings. The App is branded.

I’d like to change out the logo and colors on the Windows 10 Traditional Prompt app that comes up each time they log into their PC. I see screenshots of others doing it.

How do you do it?

Hi @PokerMunKEE,
Welcome to the Duo Community! Thanks for sharing your question with us here. It sounds like you’ve followed the right process. The help article here explains how to customize each aspect of the Duo Prompt and where you can do that. Because you mention Windows 10 during login, it sounds like you’re using Duo Authentication for Windows Logon. Please note that Duo for WinLogon does not show the web-based, interactive Duo Prompt, and therefore the prompt cannot be customized for this application. While the application displays a branded authentication window, it is not the full interactive Duo Prompt.

This table in the documentation for custom branding shows which branding options show up in the different user experiences. Duo Authentication for Windows Logon falls under “Non-Browser Apps”.

None of the custom branding options have any effect on the end-user experience for applications that do not show the Duo prompt in a browser, such as Duo Authentication for Windows Logon or Duo Unix, or LDAP and most RADIUS applications which use Duo Authentication Proxy.

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