Customize DUO login text when using RADIUS


I’m trying to customize the text that is presented to a user when logging into our VMware Horizon environment. We are using RADIUS Server Challenge to allow some users to use passcodes. Mechanically, everything works as it should but the way the text is presented to users is terribly confusing. The initial login asks for the “DUO username and passcode” which translates to our “AD username and password”. After successfully logging in, the user is presented with the option to push to mobile or enter a passcode.

This all boils down to semantics but we are Higher Ed and the mandate is to keep things as consistent as possible across the board for all systems.

I’m routing through a DUO proxy on Linux, surely a config file exists that I am missing???

Thanks in advance!


That text you mention in the Horizon client does not come from Duo. It is from VMWare. “Enter your <insert the label you gave to the RADIUS authentication during setup> username and passcode” is hardcoded in their software.