Custom icons - plus built-ins

It’s tough to decide whether to pile onto an older thread or start a new one… Allowing custom icons would be great when the icon isn’t built in. I’d take either one. Since 2FA is more important than ever, my duo mobile app is really getting a workout and even though you can change the name of connection, sorting through multiple names without associated icons is wearing thin. In addition to the need for a custom icon, can I please tack onto the list of apps that need to be added?

Thank you!

Hi @mbaydesign, thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We are currently working on a redesign of Duo Mobile that will address some of the concerns you’ve shared here - such as making it easier to identify unique third-party accounts and sort through your accounts list when you have multiple accounts.
If you’d like to test this out before it’s available publicly, we are currently running a beta through the community. Details and signup form here

I’ll also pass along the specific accounts you’ve requested to the mobile team. I know many of the developers there check out the forum for feedback, so they’re likely to see it anyway :slight_smile:

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