Custom icons in Duo app?

An Icon for DYN DNS and PayPal would be wonderful.

The only icons missing for me are Cloudflare and

Cygilant uses Duo for 2FA and no go on an icon thus far. I mentioned it to their team to see if they could get it to set up one like Amazon does.

Hi Lee and Co.,

I’m the Group Product Manager for Authentication at Duo, and the mobile app lies within my purview.

Thank you for your feedback. Our mobile team has been hard at work delivering dark theme on Android and dark mode on iOS, in addition to core features to instantaneously restore Duo accounts on both iOS and Android as folks set up new devices.

As you might expect, we have a number of competing priorities both around supporting our existing customers and new customers with the core business use case of Duo, as well as providing a good experience for personal use.

Because we have such a lean mobile team, it can be a challenge to prioritize third-party accounts as less than 10% of users use non-Duo accounts with the mobile application. Our core function is to help secure organizations from stolen credentials, and third-party personal account support is secondary to that end.

With that being said, there are a lot of exciting design updates upcoming over the next year, and we will see if there are opportunities to invest in third-party accounts…

We will share updates with the community on this thread as they become available. You can also subscribe to our release notes to be notified instantly of new Duo releases and product features.


This is a great thread - I haven’t got any icons missing that others haven’t identified for things I use!

Only Icons I have missing is Cloudflare, SiteGround and Site 24/7

ARIN Online

Seems to me you could add a feature that would allow the user to select an icon of their choice, in addition to the default standard selection. Just a thought.

  • Cisco products like the Umbrella and AMP For Endpoints dashboards
  • Meraki

Adding my $0.02 to the pile:

  • Discord
  • Duo Security Community (This one is surprising …)
  • Etsy
  • Mozilla / Firefox
  • HardForum
  • H&R Block
  • Mastadon
  • NPM
  • PayPal