Custom icons in Duo app?

Seems to me you could add a feature that would allow the user to select an icon of their choice, in addition to the default standard selection. Just a thought.

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  • Cisco products like the Umbrella and AMP For Endpoints dashboards
  • Meraki

Adding my $0.02 to the pile:

  • Discord
  • Duo Security Community (This one is surprising …)
  • Etsy
  • Mozilla / Firefox
  • HardForum
  • H&R Block
  • Mastadon
  • NPM
  • PayPal
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Also adding my £0.02 for customisable icon, or at least a default one for Synology systems.



Here’s an idea: While you are creating the Custom Logo feature (so we can add logos, so you don’t have to), why not create create a stopgap:

  1. Add the ability to change the name of an account (that way, we can organize and differentiate without the need for custom logos at all (honestly…I can’t understand why this is not already there)); and/or
  2. Add some ‘generic’ logos…numbers, letters…cute pictures (e.g., I currently use the Evernote Elephant logo to differentiate one of my accounts, but hate seeing the Evernote name (no offense EverNote)…would be better to have generic logos to choose from, would be easier for you (than designing, getting owner clearance, etc.), and might even be fun for the Users and DevTeam alike)

That’s my 2 cents.

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Until then…please add:

  1. Casepoint eDiscovery Platform
  2. Original Casepoint (aka Lyra)

Hi Gary, thanks for your feedback. You can currently edit the name of an account in Duo Mobile using the processes described in this Knowledge Base article.

Thanks. I had actually seen that but didn’t change it because the AccountName was showing as my login username and thought was important. I’ve now changed it and tested it.


I still use the logos from others…because they are pretty and help…unfortunately, the name of the entity that goes with the logo is not editable. I would still suggest that some stock logos be made available to allow Users to personalize their use…as per my suggestions below.



Hi everyone,

If you use third-party accounts such as Instagram or Facebook with Duo Mobile, we’d love to hear from you! We are looking for people who are willing to participate in brief interviews (approx. 30 minutes), so we can learn more and hopefully improve the experience going forward!

Would you be interested in setting up a time to speak with us about this? If so, please reach out to us at

Thank you!

Can we get the NetSuite icon added? Is there a place we can do this on our own? Is there a portal where we can ask for new apps to be added to the list? I’m going to end up with a dozen “Other” in my Duo app, and I’ll never be able to figure out which is which.

Please let me know.


I would love to see custom icons for third party accounts. I started using Duo because that is what we use for our Enterprise 2FA, but the great Apple Watch support has made Duo my go-to solution for all third-party 2FA. I did finally edit the names as my list grew too long to manage, but icons would definitely improve my ability to scroll through them at a glance.

I am missing Cloudflare and Acquia (Drupal).

Hello, thank you for adding to the conversation here on the community!

To answer your questions, @tcinnamon:

Is there a place we can do this on our own?

It’s not possible to add custom icons to Duo Mobile today.

Is there a portal where we can ask for new apps to be added to the list?

You can ask for feature requests, though there is not a portal. Talk to your Duo Account Executive or Duo Customer Success Manager, and they can file an official request on your behalf.

@notmike - That’s great to hear! If you have not done so already, please make sure to back up your third-party accounts in Duo Mobile by setting a recovery password for them in the app. Check out the guide to Duo Restore here:

Custom logos is a requirement for me in selecting a MFA app for my personal use and our small company (less than 10 people).

This is a feature I would be willing to pay for. Even if the icon is only stored locally on each device.
I assume the reason why this has not been implemented is because storing and syncing icons between devices is non-trivial.

Business case for adding this feature

  • Offering a good TOTP app is marketing. If one member of the enterprise security team use your app for their personal needs then you have a much better chance of being considered in the vendor selection process at the company that person works for. I saw this happen first hand at a company with 20k employees. The only reason DUO were considered as a vendor were that someone used the app personally and liked it. If the cross platform support for the “device trust” feature had been better at the time you would have been invited to bid on the contract.
  • People don’t use the app for 3rd party apps because there are no option for custom icons. For those of us that have 20+ unique sites switch to an other app because it is annoying to manage with the Duo app.
  • This feature is not strictly for personal usage. Agile teams and especially software development teams at companies of all sizes have a fair bit of 3rd party accounts that aren’t integrated with the enterprise SSO solution. I assume that a big part of the reason a free account tier is offered is to get those teams on your platform and use that to get a leg up when competing for the business of the entire company.
  • A use case for enterprise is that IT operations teams have multiple accounts due to macrosegmentation of the infrastructure. This requires juggeling many accounts which makes it quite beneficial to have custom icons like colors, country flags and the internal ID for a location. It can be argued whether or not this is the right approach to security, but it is the reality in quite a few places.
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I’m finally moving on from Duo to Authy after being here from the day it opened. Duo should truly be embarrassed for the lame excuses—and yes, I’m specifically calling out Duo’s product manager “Steve” here—for being unable to incorporate something so simple as adding an icon that matches the account. Seriously. Customers have been begging for this feature since Duo’s inception but still no go. As Steve said, they’re too busy. Pathetic.

Is there ever going to be an update where custom icons are added. A straight forward answer would be nice. While I am forced to use DUO mobile for Duo Push it honestly might be worth not having to push to have icon and better features in another app.

Hi @RoodAwakening, I just want to apologize that we missed this and failed to reply to you earlier. I know it has been almost a year now, so this is not super helpful, but I did want to follow up. We have had a number of changes on the team, including a new product manager for Duo Mobile, and we are working on a major redesign of Duo Mobile which was in beta recently and partly addresses this functionality. There will be an announcement coming soon about this (within the next month or two).
The ability to upload your own custom icons is still planned for the future as well, though we don’t have a date to share.

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Hi @awb5843, the ability to add custom icons is still on the roadmap as planned at this time, though we don’t have a definitive date of when it will be available. As I mentioned in my reply to RoodAwakening, the team is wrapping up a major redesign of Duo Mobile which was recently in beta that partly addresses this. When you add a third-party account, a unique icon with a color and initial of the account name will be auto-generated to help differentiate between accounts.
There will be an announcement with more details coming soon (within the next one or two months).

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Hello Amy,

I have come across this three year old thread after using Cisco Duo services for about a year. I have started adding third party accounts and can’t quite believe that this feature hasn’t been implemented yet.

Duo is seen as a professional business service and this perhaps explains the limited third party integration. However, if Cisco doesn’t remove its head from its ass (respectfully), Twilio will take all the business, including my own, with them.

“a unique icon with a colour and initial of the account name will be auto-generated to help differentiate between accounts”…Ugh.
This has been implemented in several mobile applications as is a passable solution at best. This should have been implemented two years ago while waiting three years for the ‘major redesign’.

I sincerely hope that Cisco finally takes this strongly-backed user suggestion seriously. Current Duo users that come across this page should have a look at Twilio’s Authy services as a good alternative if they haven’t already.

Hello Simon,

Thank you for weighing in and sharing your feedback with us. I know this is a point of frustration for many people beyond just those who have commented here, and we appreciate you taking the time to tell us as it shows you care about the app experience and want to help us make it better.
I have surfaced this thread with our mobile team so they are aware, and while our product manager for this area is currently out, I will also share your thoughts with him as soon as he returns. I’m sorry I don’t have better news to share with you in regard to this at this time.

If anyone reading this is interested in trying the newly redesigned app experience for Duo Mobile, although it doesn’t fully meet your desired expectations in terms of adding custom icons, there are a number of changes to improve the overall end-user authentication experience. DM me and I’ll connect you with the team to join the preview.

Thank you for your response Amy.

Please let us know what the product manager has to say regarding this functionality. A simple yes/no commitment and a time frame would be great.

Thank You.